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Our Approach

IntelliPulse approaches research through Information Windows that seeks to identify the motivations that influence key audiences on how they respond to your business decisions. We develop measures for each window, design questions, and use the collected information to develop strategies for our clients.

Defining the Information Windows
Understanding key audience …
Grey arrow 20 Developing Strategies
Leads to clients …
  • Values and beliefs
Grey arrow 20 Identifying common goals and developing priority positioning
  • Attitudes and opinions
Grey arrow 20 Identifying strategic and tactical service or communications efforts
  • Awareness / cognition
Grey arrow 20 Defining specific audience segments
  • Behaviour
Grey arrow 20 Testing the effectiveness of programs
  • Information & influencer sources / mechanisms
Grey arrow 20 Developing communications messages and methods

IntelliPulse emphasizes research designs that are customized to each client’s unique needs.