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Framework for the Research Process

Survey data alone do not provide decision-making information. The key is the expertise to develop creative research designs to address business challenges, and use the data to produce practical, strategic and tactical advice and solutions through our reports and presentations.

Our services are:

  • Project management — We take the time to ensure that each project is completed on time, on budget, and with accuracy and rigour.
  • Design methodology — Our standard services are to frame questionnaires, write the discussion agenda, develop the sample design, and provide data collection options.
  • Small group moderating — Our senior staff are experienced at leading group discussions and round tables among customers, employees, business clients, and the general public.
  • Analysis planning — To ensure the maximum use of the survey design we scope anticipated research outcomes and map them to the questionnaire design and develop the analysis options. Depending on the project complexity the Analysis Plan is provided to our clients in advance.
  • Data analysis — Our analysts have expertise using a variety of techniques. The most basic are charts and tables to depict question frequency results, and banner or crosstab analysis to examine whether there are differences in responses by sub-segments of respondents (such as between men and women). Our specialized analytic techniques include:
    • Segment Identification using cluster or factor analysis
    • Key Driver Analysis using regression and correlation techniques to identify key measures and sub-measures that have an impact on brand awareness, satisfaction, or reputation
    • Predictive Modeling using multiple regression to determine what actions are required to move attitudes or behaviour
    • Path Modeling to see how people make decisions or form opinions
    • Socio-demographic analysis to identify trends among sub-population segments
    • Patterning definition for identifying decision layers
    • Quadrant analysis depicting importance versus rating
  • Deliverables — We focus on presenting findings in a clearly-stated, client-friendly manner, and write key results in the format to suit your end-uses:
    • Full report for dissemination to colleagues or as government submissions.
    • Key Measures report for top-line planning and strategic decision-making. It typically includes an Executive Summary with recommendations, charts or tables, and interpretation of the more important findings.
    • Presentation to summarize findings for colleagues and encourage a round-table discussion of findings and implications.