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Our Activities

IntelliPulse provides research-driven intelligence and advice in the following areas:

Socio-economic Impact Assessment

  • Issue awareness and knowledge
  • Opinions on proposed activity
  • Anticipated outcomes affecting attitudes and behaviours

Client, Customer, Member Satisfaction

  • Needs and expectations of the service provider
  • Satisfaction with performance, benchmarking
  • Identification of derived importance and gaps in needs and satisfaction
  • Tactical approaches to increasing satisfaction through Key Driver definition

Corporate Communications

  • Attribute identification and assessment
  • Message testing
  • Awareness and recall measures
  • Monitoring communications effectiveness
  • Impact on image, behaviour changes, product purchase, actions

Public Opinion Polling

  • Issue identification and testing
  • Proposition support and opposition
  • Monitoring and trend tracking
  • Voter intention

Corporate Positioning and Brand Equity

  • Identification of values and beliefs
  • Assessments on personality, services and image
  • Positioning for niche strategies
  • Information sources and impact

Program / Service / Product Testing and Positioning

  • Usage and attitudes
  • Forecast market share
  • Relationship decision-making criteria
  • Attribute qualities
  • Price sensitivity
  • Information sources

Employee / Organizational Effectiveness

  • Knowledge of and opinions on corporate goals and directions
  • Contributors to satisfaction
  • Issues assessments
  • Communications messages and methods