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Our Commitment

We make the following commitments to meet your research needs:

  • You will receive quality, personalized service, from start to finish, by the senior most person at IntelliPulse.
  • We work on the principle of a ‘community of partners’ who bring core expertise to meet your needs, including data collection experts, statisticians, public relations and advertising professionals.
  • You can expect us to contribute to planning the research process and making recommendations that are in your interest.
  • We probe for your end-uses of the research. We provide decision-making tools through innovative research designs that suite your objectives, your target audience, your schedule, and your budget.
  • We emphasize the development of a framework to operationalize our project work. This ensures that the research design and the subsequent interpretive report will provide information that fosters workable solutions to your challenges.
  • Our professional curiosity makes us look harder and dig deeper through our Information Windows to understand beliefs, opinions, attitudes, and behaviours.
  • We provide action-oriented information so that you have immediate choices.
  • We find great enjoyment and fulfillment in working with clients.